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Protect yourself with sparring head guards. We know it’s important to have the right gear in combat sports to protect both athletes and instructors. Sparring helmets allow athletes to focus on force and strength without worrying about injuring a sparring partner. Open-faced helmets are typically used in amateur boxing matches while some students may prefer a helmet with a full face mask to avoid any glancing blows and strikes directly to the face. Most of our sparring helmets feature a dense foam core covered with a vinyl or leather exterior lining. Leather is the highest quality lining and preferred by professional fighters, while amateurs enjoy the lower cost of vinyl varieties. The most important aspect of sparring head guards is the padding that protects you from scratches, cuts, and abrasions during impact. Make sure to choose a helmet that offers ventilation so you keep your cool, even in the longest bouts. Adjustable straps ensure a proper fit and maximum comfort for a variety of head sizes.

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